As Canada gears up for recreational marijuana legalization this October, the country has launched an online cannabis training course for the police force.

The course is free and will train officers to identify different forms of cannabis as well as detect drugged driving and other things.

The goal of the online training course is to standardize training for all law enforcement agencies across Canada so that they can consistently apply the new cannabis laws.

Canada’s Cannabis Act goes into effect on October 17 but until then, Canadian law enforcement will continue to treat cannabis as a prohibited controlled substance.

The course will cover:

What are the criminal offenses and new powers of arrest under the Cannabis Act?

What are the law enforcement implications of Cannabis Act in First Nation territories and reserves?

How to differentiate between the different forms of cannabis (therapeutic, recreational)?

The information regarding the legal limits of possessing medical and non-medical marijuana

The online training course covers all important aspects of the legal environment. The training will indeed prepare the law enforcement officials to adapt to the new reality where a prohibited controlled substance will become a legal commodity.

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