While many sectors have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, one arena still flourishing is the marijuana industry.

The number of people now interested in gaining an education in cannabis has been groowing. Jeff Zorn, CEO of Cannabis Training University (CTU), the world’s largest online Cannabis College, says that CTU is now registering 1,000 new students per month. CTU, has seen 108% spike in enrollments over the summer.

CTU is the first and oldest online cannabis college and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. It was created to provide comprehensive cannabis education to students across the globe.

“As people look for alternatives [during COVID-19], as people continue to lose their jobs in other sectors, and as people continue to witness the boom in the cannabis industry, these figures will increase,” said Zorn.

Statista reported back in March that sales of recreational Cannabis during Covid-19 in California, increased around 159% compared to the same day in 2019. Sales in Washington state and Colorado also increased by around 100% and 46% on the same day.

Headset has said that cannabis sales in the United States spiked in mid-March, with sales growth peaking at 64%.

Some industry professionals have weighed in on cannabis as a degree including Brett Puffenbarger, Director of Communications at Suncoast Norml, who said, “Formalized, or at least organized, cannabis education certificates are currently the best way to gain an overall understanding of the plant and industry. As much as cannabis is just another CPG, it still has its own unique qualities and having a certificate showing that can be the difference in this very competitive cannabis job market.”

The Happy Cannabis Collection, a craft Cannabis company has remarked, “We don’t look for degrees, but if we did, the recommendation would be ‘plant science and chemistry type coursework.”

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