The largest Loyalty and Marketing Automation Platform serving the cannabis industry will be going public soon via SPAC.

Springbig will list on the NASDAQ through a merger with Tuatara Capital Acquisition Corp.

The company’s software platform provides unparalleled customer loyalty and engagement products to leading cannabis retailers and brands across North America.

The merger accelerates springbig’s vision to serve cannabis brands by consolidating a highly fragmented cannabis technology ecosystem across loyalty, data analytics, advertising, and other areas influencing consumer experience and marketing effectiveness.

The estimated post-transaction equity value of the combined company is approximately $500 million, with approximately $200 million cash on hand after closing.

Transaction includes $13 million fully committed Class A common stock PIPE anchored by Tuatara Capital and existing investors, including TVC Capital, Key Investment Partners, and springbig’s Founder and CEO Jeffrey Harris.

Upon closing of the transaction, the combined company is expected to remain listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol “SBIG”.

The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of fiscal 2022.

“In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, with numerous regulations and restrictions, springbig has emerged as a market leader in direct-to-consumer marketing and engagement. springbig’s technology platform drives loyalty and customer engagement, and in this regulated environment, a high level of engagement is crucial for cannabis retailers and brands to reach their customers in an increasingly competitive market,” said Al Foreman, Chief Executive Officer of TCAC.

He added, “The extremely talented and experienced team at springbig has harnessed the technologies necessary to address this market opportunity, and they are well-positioned for long-term, sustainable growth as new states progress legalization frameworks and with the potential for Federal cannabis policy reform on the horizon.”

Jeffrey Harris, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of springbig, said, “The key to our success has been empowering our clients by connecting them with their customers and engaging directly as they scale their businesses. Clients can use our SaaS platform to drive increased customer spend, build brand loyalty, and increase their potential reach. We pride ourselves on providing marketing-leading technology solutions and an exceptional level of service to springbig clients. This leads to excellent client retention, providing a robust base for strong future growth. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, this strong foundation will enable us to leverage our data and technology to consolidate across multiple market verticals including data analytics, increased marketing automations, and advertising solutions.”

“We are thrilled to partner with TCAC and look forward to continuing to build our platform and broaden our offerings to take advantage of the significant growth potential at home and in the international cannabis markets.”

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