Many Universities are seeing that the marijuana industry is flourishing and have decided to offer students the chance to get degrees involved with the plant.

“We have one of the biggest industries developing without any trained professionals,” said Jamie Warm, co-founder and CEO of Henry’s Original, a Mendocino County, California-based cannabis cultivator and distributor.

Starting this fall, Cornell University in New York, will offer the undergraduate course “Cannabis: Biology, Society and Industry,” that focuses on exploring the history, culture, pharmacology, horticulture and legal challenges associated with cannabis. Next year the university plans to launch a master’s degree as well.

It was in June that the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy also announced the launch of a master’s degree in medical cannabis science and therapeutics. The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia is jumping on board as well and plans to offer the first of four courses in a new MBA option for students interested in studying the cannabis industry.

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