It was last week that Massachusetts cannabis regulators approved rewritten rules that would govern the state’s legal marijuana world but only this week that we were able to see them.

It was this past December that the Cannabis Control Commission had assumed control of the program from the Department of Public Health.

The new draft regulations for medical marijuana and adult-use or recreational marijuana will be open for public input until Aug. 16th.

“This has been painstaking; this has been hard,” CCC Chairman Steven Hoffman said last week.

The CCC voted 5-0 Thursday to approve the draft regulations, but they were not released publicly until Tuesday.

As part of the new rules, there is an elimination of the $50 annual registration fee for medical marijuana patients, and authorized social or public use of marijuana and home delivery of non-medical marijuana.

“Now the public has the opportunity to grapple with some of the complex issues we have considered as we continue working together to build a safer, more equitable, and more effective industry in Massachusetts,” said Cannabis Control Commission Chair Steve Hoffman.

Hoffman has previously said he expects the CCC to vote to finalize the rules “right after Labor Day, maybe mid-September.”

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