Chrissy Teigan is the girl next door to many people and they appreciate her candid opinions and ‘real’ness. She and her family kept it very real over the weekend.

In Tweets and a video, Chrissy shared a night with her mother, Vilailuck, and her sister, Tina, this past Saturday.

Chrissy even posted a SnapChat video on to her Twitter showing how “relaxed” her sister was.

“What’s going on over here?” Chrissy said in the footage in regards to her sister cooking. “This is gonna be sooooo fucking gooood. I cannot even wait,” Tina said, as she slowedly spooned what was in the pot.

This makes more sense if you knew that earlier Chrissy tweeted, “Hour 4 of my high sister making nam khao rice for the book. ‘How long does this normally take?’ Tina: “like 5 mins.”

Cher, yes, THE Cher, even said, “I wanne be friends with your sister,” in a tweet.
Her mom also made the night memorable, as Chrissy asked her about the movie she was watching on television.

“Give me a brief breakdown of this movie,” Chrissy asked. Vilailuck turned to the camera with a serious face and responded, “She was like being abused…so she like…killed all the man and made a meatball out of his body.”

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