With marijuana legislation, marijuana sniffing dogs are being phased out of their jobs and being forced to retire early in the state of Colorado.

The K-9 handlers are having to deal with the dog’s not being able to not sniff out the drug.

According to a report on Fox 31 Denver News, it is impossible for these dogs to decipher between marijuana and illegal substances.

K-9 duties will now change due to the new legislation and these new dogs will not be learning how to detect marijuana.

The Colorado Supreme Court has deemed it’s illegal to use a K-9’s detection of marijuana as the catalyst for a new search.

ÔÇťAgencies have decided to basically phase out these dogs that are trained in marijuana and replace them with dogs that are not trained in marijuana, thus causing a big push to retire a lot of dogs,” remarked Damian Perez, vice president of Colorado’s Police K-9 Association.

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