Colorado revenue from marijuana sales just saw their two highest grossing months in May and April. Each month saw about $24 million in total state revenue from marijuana.

April and May were the two highest grossing months in the state’s five-year history.
Colorado has now generated over $1 billion in total state revenue from the legal marijuana industry, since it legalized the drug in 2014.

In May, Colorado Governor Jared Polis said at CNBC’s Net Net event, “It’s going very well. … It’s creating tens of thousands of jobs, tax revenue for the state, filling up buildings for landlords and reducing crime. … Although I like to tell my peer governors in other states ‘It’s not going well, don’t do it.’ There is obviously more advantage to us when we are all a little bit more special, and obviously more and more states are moving in this direction.”

Polis had also told CNBC’s Scott Cohn, “We are always going to be relatively small potatoes on the actual sales. … We are just not going to be as big as states like California or New Jersey. … We want to make sure that 10 years from now, point-of-sales systems, chemistry, genetics — all those pieces — are housed here in Colorado with successful companies that power a multibillion national industry.”

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