Those who smoke marijuana off the clock in Colorado may soon be protected by a new bill.

Two lawmakers in the state want to pass a law that would protect workers who use the drug when they’re off the clock from work.

The bill was introduced by House Rep. Jovan Melton, D-Aurora, to prevent businesses from firing employees for partaking in legal activities on their own time, despite the activities being legal under state but not federal law.

According to Melton, the measure would correct an oversight in Colorado law.

“It was just a glaring gap that we have here in the statute, especially when we’re supposed to regulate marijuana like we are with alcohol,” Melton has explained. “If someone’s able to drink while they’re at home and on their free time, as long as they’re not coming into work intoxicated, then they’re not penalized with their employment.”

The bill would not apply however to federal employees or employees subject to additional federal requirements.

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