Ned Lamont (D), the governor of Connecticut, was found jamming to a new country song about all the good things about his state, including the fact that it’s “cool to smoke some pot.”

The politician had recently signed legislation in his state for adult use of cannabis.
He shared a clip of the song, “First Ever Connecticut Country Song” by Rusty Gear, that’s basically a jingle for the Constitution State.

The mention of marijuana had received criticism from his Republican opponent in the upcoming November election, Bob Stefanowski.

“Connecticut has everything!” Lamont said on Twitter, rattling off a list that includes beaches, mountains, breweries and country music (but not taking note of the song’s prominent marijuana mention, though it was included in the short song clip excerpted in his tweet). “Yes, you read that right. We have country music, like this toe-tapping track about our great state.”

The lyrics of the clip the governor shared are as follows:

“Back home we thank the governor for the blessings that we got.

We can gamble on the internet, and it’s cool to smoke some pot.

So y’all come visit my state and mind your etiquette.

I guarantee you’ll be welcome in Connecticut.”

“This video can’t be real – Can it @GovNedLamont?” Stefanowski said. “Our governor should not be encouraging kids to smoke marijuana because Ned Lamont believes it’s ‘cool to smoke pot.’ If this doesn’t prove we need a change in leadership I’m not sure what does!

The song Lamont shared doesn’t encourage underage cannabis use. It just acknowledges that the state made recreational use legal for adults.

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