State officials in the state of Michigan are issuing a mandatory recall of medical marijuana that is sold at provisioning centers in Detroit, Kalamazoo and Lansing.
Tests have revealed that the product has been contaminated with mold, and chemicals and did not meet state standards.

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs’ Bureau of Marijuana Regulation have now had three recalls in a week.

Officials recalled four strains of marijuana flower sold at The Green Mile Detroit at 6650 E. Eight Mile Road in Detroit, and 11 strains of marijuana sold at Compassionate Care by Design at 401 N. Sage St. in Kalamazoo. Officials also recalled four strains of marijuana flower sold at HG Lansing at 1116 E. Oakland Ave. in Lansing.

All three licensed provisioning centers had obtained the marijuana from caregivers, and sold it to customers before it was tested by a lab, according to David Harns, spokesman for the bureau.

Patients or caregivers who purchased medical marijuana affected by the recall should return it to the provisioning center so it can be destroyed, Harns said.

Provisioning centers are also required to notify patients of the recall.

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