Dubbed Cheba Hut, Dallas is about to get a cannabis-themed restaurant.

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Cheba Hut was founded in 1998, and has 30 locations with another six on the way. The company will have its first Dallas location in Deep Ellum and will be opening another location in Austin.

According to a release, the shop will be located at 2808 Main St., across from Stirr.
The menu has over two dozen sub sandwiches that all have pot-themed names. This includes Acapulco Gold which features chicken breast with BBQ sauce and Swiss cheese as well as Panama Red that has chicken breast with marinara, provolone, and parmesan.

The store also has six veggie subs that include the Silver Haze, with hummus and Swiss cheese; and the Magic Mushroom with portabella, pepperjack, and teriyaki glaze.

Drinks are “Cottonmouth Cures” and include iced tea, beer, Red Bull, and Kool-Aid.

Chance Steed, the creatore of the franchise and a former professional poker player, is planning to open three locations in around Dallas-Fort Worth.

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