If you can’t afford your marijuana, maybe the best idea is to go dumpster diving for it. At least that’s what some people have decided in the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma officials are warning that there’s a new problem for medical marijuana businesses aside from thievery.

A KFOR-TV report has found that some dispensaries in Tulsa are experiencing people dumpster dive for marijuana scraps. The report said that one business even put food out because they thought the dumpster divers were hungry and one dispensary owner has had to put a chain and lock on her dumpster.

While dumpster diving might sound disgusting to some people, in the world of marijuana, it’s actually become a norm in many states. It has become a way to undercut the market, make a living and to sell to others.

In most areas in the US, dumpster diving is still legal so don’t get any ideas.

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