After a short delay, Dutch medical cannabis shipments to Germany have partially been restored and already some German wholesalers have started receiving flower deliveries according to Marijuana Business Daily.

MJBizDaily has reported that at least three German wholesalers who are clients of the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC), have received their June order at the end of last week or so far this week.

It was last month on the 11th that OMC said the order could be delayed as much as six weeks over additional testing.

In an email to MJBizDaily, the OMC said that the June orders are now being shipped in phases.

“Although we were aware of market concern about the delay, we never feared there would be a significant impact,” Nick Pateras, managing director of Europe for London-based Materia Ventures told MJBizDaily. Materia Ventures owns a German wholesaler.

“In fact, we have already received our shipment and have experienced no disruption in our sales to pharmacies.”

Clifford Starke, CEO of Franchise Cannabis, a Toronto-based marijuana company that owns two German wholesalers, said to MJBizDaily that Phatebo, one of the Franchise Cannabis German subsidiaries, received its June order last week.

Franchise’s other German wholesaler, ACA Müller GmbH, is still waiting for its June shipment said Starke.

“Germany today is struggling with EU-Good Manufacturing Practice flower supply issues, but that should be sorted in coming quarters as facilities in countries like Portugal come online,” Starke said to MJBizDaily.

“It will be increasingly hard for Canadian facilities to be competitive supplying the European market,” he said.

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