The legal marijuana industry is flourishing and the job market in the arena is expected to see substantial growth. According to a 2018 study by ArcView, the industry is poised to create 414,000 jobs by the year 2021. Grand View Research, which predicts that the sector itself will be generating $73.6 billion by 2027.

It is no surprise that many universities are changing their policies and are now offering cannabis courses.

Excelsior College has recently launched a Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control that focuses on educating students on how to navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the legal cannabis market.

To enroll in this graduate-level certificate program, prospective students will already need to have completed their bachelor’s degree. The three-course, nine-credit certificate “takes an interdisciplinary approach and can be taken alone for college credit and career advancement or applied toward four of Excelsior College’s master’s degree programs,” said a news release.

The three courses in the certificate program are: “Implications of Legalization of Cannabis: Policy and Compliance”; “Interstate/International Commerce: Policy and Regulatory Environment”; and “Risk Assessment in Cannabis Control.”

“We started our work conducting a scan of the market, developing a concept paper, and having early conversations with experts and leaders in the industry,” said Scott Dolan, dean of Excelsior College’s School of Graduate Studies. “The three themes that emerged were around policy and compliance, interstate and international regulation, and risk assessment. After identifying a need for education and training, we conducted a full market research study and worked on aligning the curriculum with our existing programs and areas of expertise.”

The initial response to the program “has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Dolan.

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