Yuck, the last thing you want to imagine is smoking a joint and realizing there’s fecal matter in it.

This is the worry some may have in Madrid, Spain according to findings published in ScienceDirect.

Researchers have tested 90 samples obtained in the Spanish capital and found that 88 percent was contaminated with harmful bacteria found in fecal matter.

According to Manuel Perez Moreno, a co-author of the study, who spoke to newspaper El Pais, cannabis contamination may be a result of how the drug makes it into the country.

According to Perez, drug traffickers in Morocco wrap the hashish in transparent film and ingest them.

“Once they arrive in Spain, they take laxatives to expel the acorns. And that’s what goes on sale,” said Perez.

“Foreign elements were found in 64.7% of the ingot-shaped samples and in 30.2% of the acorn-shaped samples,” researchers said. “With regard to microbiological contamination, 93% of acorns were contaminated by E. coli, compared to 29.4% of ingots. In addition, all samples with fecal odor were acorns and were contaminated by E. coli.”

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