FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) Provides Exposure to Best-in-Class Companies PLUS the Advantage of Diversification

The recent trend toward marijuana legalization by certain states in the U.S. has set in motion a potentially historic opportunity for early-stage profits.

Analysts at Ameri Research are projecting the global licensed cannabis market will grow at an annual rate of 21.1% — with the industry reaching a value of $63.5 billion in global sales by 2024.

“Sales of legal cannabis in North America are growing even faster than experts predicted they would.”

— Fortune

That type of growth has attracted a wave of investors in search of high-upside opportunities.

Many of those investors are putting their money behind early-stage companies focused on cannabis production.

And while in some cases those companies may present solid investment opportunities, those investments can come with a high degree of risk.

But there’s another company – one with a truly unique business model – that represents a smarter way to invest in this global marijuana boom.

That company is FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) – one of the first royalty companies focused on the licensed U.S. medical cannabis industry.

FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) helps fund best-in-class licensed medical cannabis companies in the United States – with a focus on California – in exchange for a percentage of their revenues.

Led by a proven, experienced team of “heavyweights” in the finance and medical cannabis industries, FinCanna Capital (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) has announced two significant  agreements to make royalty investments…and the company has a robust pipeline of additional projects lined up for the months ahead.

Royalty Companies Offer a Proven Business model

Royalty companies have been a successful structure by which to provide financing in other industries – such as mining –in large part because of the advantages they provide to both investors as well as up-and-coming companies.

For example, FinCanna Capital offers individual investors access to private investments they may otherwise not have a chance to invest in.

These best-in-class companies are investigated thoroughly and hand-picked by FinCanna Capital’s experienced management team for their strong prospects for success.

In addition, as FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) works to complete its investments and expand its portfolio, investors have the opportunity to enjoy the advantage of diversification, as opposed to potentially riskier alternative of investing one’s money with a single emerging cannabis producer.

The company plans to invest in a number of best-in-class projects including companies that operate in parts of the licensed medical cannabis industry that go beyond just production.

FinCanna’s Flagship Royalty Project: A Six-Acre Indoor Medical Cannabis Facility in Coachella

FinCanna Capital’s flagship project is a royalty investment with Cultivation Technologies Inc. (CTI.)

CTI is comprised of a team of experts from Fortune 150 agriculture, medical cannabis, law, engineering and technology.

The company is working to finance and build a 111,500 square foot campus – located on six acres – Coachella, Southern California.

This fully-entitled, large-scale indoor facility to be built is designed to employ innovative, best-in-class solutions.

FinCanna Capital is helping to fund CTI’s planned 111,500 sq. ft. Coachella Project

Terms of this royalty arrangement call for FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) to receive a royalty of 14% of CTI’s revenues from its Coachella Project in exchange for funding.

So what type of production can FinCanna expect to collect its 14% royalties on once the entire project is up and running?

It is expected that upon completion the Coachella Project will be able to process 30,000 to 50,000 pounds of biomass per month – or the equivalent of 18 to 30 million grams of raw oil per year.

In addition, FinCanna also has the right to finance CTI’s next two licensed medical cannabis facility projects on the same terms as the Coachella Project.

Another attractive component to FinCanna’s arrangement with CTI is the company’s interim medical cannabis extraction facility.

While the Coachella Project is being financed and built out, CTI has established an interim extraction facility on the Coachella property that will produce licensed medical cannabis products before the permanent extraction facility is completed.

Extraction machine in the interim facility on the Coachella property

This interim facility can process up to 6,000 pounds of biomass per month into roughly 3.7 million grams of raw oil per year, with room for expansion.

The interim extraction facility, which began operations in October 2017, had been operated by a third-party tenant of CTI…and that arrangement called for CTI to receive just 20% of the production capacity.

But thanks to a change in California regulations which took effect on January 1, 2018, CTI is now directly operating its interim extraction facility…and has the rights to 100% of the production capacity.

FinCanna’s royalty arrangement with CTI calls for FinCanna to receive 50% of the profits from this interim facility.

FinCanna’s Second Royalty Investment: A State-of-the-Art Software Solution for Medical Cannabis

FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) has entered into an agreement to advance its second royalty investment with Green Compliance, Inc.

Green Compliance offers state-of-the-art enterprise compliance and a point-of-sale software solution, known as ezGreen, for licensed medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivators.

Green Compliance helps its customers comply with both the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) and state laws by ensuring patients’ confidential data is being handled properly.

The company has commenced sales in the United States, and its target market is every licensed operating dispensary and cultivator in the states which have passed laws legalizing medical cannabis – currently 29 states and Washington, D.C.

Green Compliance has an exclusive licensing and support agreement with Automated Healthcare Solutions (“AHCS”) to market and sell ezGreen compliance software. AHCS is a leading point of care tracking and dispensing software solution in the U.S.

Under the Royalty Agreement with Green Compliance, FinCanna will fund US$3 million in tranches by September 15, 2018. In return, FinCanna will receive a perpetual royalty equal to 10% of consolidated gross revenues of Green Compliance, subject to certain buy-back options.

California: The Largest Cannabis Market in North America

FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) has focused its initial efforts on California – and with good reason.

California is the sixth-largest economy in the world – and the largest medical cannabis market in North America.

According to analysts with Arcview Group, California’s legal cannabis industry is projected to grow at a 21.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to $6.5 billion by 2020, and generate upwards of $1 billion in tax revenue.

California passed the Adult Use of Cannabis Act in November 2016. This means that in 2018 new regulations come into effect whereby only permit holders can participate in the legal cannabis market, resulting in significant barriers to entry.

Those barriers to entry in California make emerging cannabis production companies an even riskier proposition for individual investors.

The smarter way to gain exposure to the boom in marijuana legalization would appear to be with one of the first royalty companies for the licensed medical cannabis industry: FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF)

FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) Is Led by a Proven Group of Finance, Business and Medical Cannabis Experts

One of the most important factors in determining the success of any company is the strength of its leadership.

In a potentially fast-moving scenario – such as the legal marijuana boom – savvy investors tend to put their money behind companies led by experienced management teams with a proven history of delivering success.

That’s precisely what investors will find with FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF):

Andriyko Herchak, CPA, CA – President & CEO, Director
  • Over 20 years of executive leadership experience with publicly traded companies.
  • Former CFO of international sales and marketing company generating US$1.4 billion in annual sales.
  • Former CFO of Canadian mineral exploration and development company that raised C$100 million in equity financings and sold for C$650 million cash.
Robert Scott, CPA, CA, CFA – Chief Financial Officer
  • Over 20 years of experience in corporate finance, including merchant and commercial banking experience with a major Canadian bank
  • Served on the management teams and boards of a number of Canadian publicly traded companies
  • Listed several companies on the TSX Venture Exchange
Morris L. Reid – Director
  • Globally recognized corporate and political strategist based in Washington, D.C and London
  • A partner at Mercury, a high-stakes public strategy firm that represents the world’s most successful companies, leading advocacy groups, governments, political parties, NGOs, and prominent public and political figures
  • Extensive experience with high-profile individuals, government officials and corporate executives, advising on high-level political and corporate issues for more than 15 years
  • International advisor to prime ministers, presidents and royal families around the globe
Jeffrey Tindale – Director
  • Over 15 years of experience in merchant banking and corporate advisory services
  • Strong background in corporate governance, finance, mergers and acquisitions
Gaynell Rogers – Advisor to the Board
  • Recognized as an expert voice of the medical cannabis industry in the U.S
  • Highly respected publicity and media expert who came into the industry as a twice cancer survivor
  • Senior consultant to Harborside, considered a model and the largest medical cannabis dispensary in the U.S.
  • Former Senior Publicist for Lucasfilm Ltd. and was head of Feature Film Publicity for Pixar
Miguel Motta – Advisor to the Board
  • CTI’s President & CEO
  • Previously led global strategy for US$1 billion portfolio of agricultural products as Monsanto executive, a Fortune 150 company
  • Previously President & CEO for SGB Inc., a venture capital backed company

In addition to this outstanding group, Cultivation Technologies Inc. (CTI) – FinCanna’s flagship royalty investment – has an impressive board of directors, which includes Irv Einhorn.

Mr. Einhorn has more than 40 years of experience related to compliance and was previously Regional Administrator of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Los Angeles regional office where he and his team were responsible for implementing the SEC’s regulatory and law enforcement mandates principally in the Western United States.

7 Reasons Why FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) Offers Investors a Smarter Way to Play the Legal Marijuana Boom
  1. FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) is one of the very first royalty companies focused on U.S. medical cannabis. This visionary company is combining its deep-rooted investment expertise and industry experience to take advantage of this early-stage growth opportunity in the legal marijuana industry.
  2. FinCanna’s Royalty Business Model offers investors a number of benefits, including potential diversification of their investment and a thorough “vetting” of the companies investors will be backing.
  3. An investment in FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) offers investors access to best-in-class companies that are often private…and thus may be unavailable to individual investors. This unique business model could provide individual investors access they would otherwise never receive.
  4. FinCanna’s first two partnerships have extraordinary potential – including a planned large cultivation and extraction facility in Coachella, Southern California where FinCanna is poised to receive 14% royalties and a state-of-the-art software company that pays a 10% royalty.
  5. The company is moving quickly to add new partnerships. Having added two impressive partnerships, the company has a robust pipeline of potential partnerships that it hopes to announce over the next several months.
  6. FinCanna is focusing its initial efforts on California – the largest state-licensed cannabis market in North America. New regulations taking effect in California in 2018 will provide significant barriers to entry for new producers, making FinCanna Capital Corp. (CSE: CALI ; OTC: FNNZF) even more attractive to both producers and investors.
  7. FinCanna’s experienced, proven management team includes “heavyweights” in the finance, business and medical marijuana industries who possess a track record of delivering results.
[1] Executive Summary: The State of Legal Marijuana Markets, 5th Edition (Arcview Market Research & BDS Analytics) – imputed statistics

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