Southern Utah’s very first medicinal marijuana pharmacy has opened up in Cedar City this week.

Bloom Medicinals, located at 301 S. Main St. in the building formerly occupied by Das Nest restaurant, opened its doors on Tuesday from 3-5 p.m. on its first day of operation, company officials said.

The store’s normal operating hours start today and will be from noon to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Registered pharmacist Sheb Davie will be in charge of store operations. Davie told Cedar City News that he brings 12 years of experience in retail pharmacy to the position, including 10 years as a pharmacy manager. Davie will be joined on-site by two licensed technicians called agents.

The store will be part of a group of 14 regulated dispensing pharmacies throughout the state, linked via a computer system that connects retail outlets with growers and processors.

“Legally, everything that is sold in Utah must be locally grown and locally processed,” Davie said.

A Utah Department of Health FAQ document has said that, “Patients may purchase a medical cannabis device that warms cannabis material into a vapor without the use of a flame and delivers cannabis to an individual’s respiratory system (such as an electric dabbing rig). Although smoking of medical cannabis is prohibited, vaping is legal.”

Also strictly regulated by the state are the amounts that a patient may obtain over a 30-day period, which are 20 grams of concentrated THC or 113 grams of total flower, Davie noted.

Customers will not be allowed to touch any of the products until after they’ve purchased them, with cash being the only accepted form of payment, Davie said. The pharmacy does have an ATM available inside the showroom.

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