A bill by Florida state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, to legalize recreational marijuana, has died before a hearing or a vote.

The bill would have allowed those age 21 and older to use marijuana for personal use in limited amounts, as well as license establishments to manufacture and sell it. The bill would have also put limits on the number of such stores and allowed cities to ban them if they chose.

“It got no hearing, no debate, no vote,” Smith said. “Just like they always do.”

He added however, “it created a lot of discussion and dialogue … even though it didn’t pass.”

“Poll after poll has shown the majority of Floridians support adult-use cannabis,” Smith said. “Adults using cannabis isn’t killing anyone via overdose. … Other states tax cannabis and properly regulate it.”

Orlando attorney John Morgan has said he wants to put recreational marijuana on the ballot as a referendum in 2020. He said, “They’re changing the rules of the game in the middle of the game,” Smith said. “A lot of activists feel very frustrated. They followed the rules, did what they were told, and now all of a sudden the Legislature wants to enact a new set of rules.”

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