A Judge in Tallahassee, Florida, has agreed to block state health officials from moving forward with the application process for medical marijuana licenses.

Leon County Circuit Judge Charles Dodson gave a verbal order this past summer, ruling that a cap on the number of medical marijuana operators included in the law “directly contradicts” the amendment, which was overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2016.

According to Dodson, Florida had improperly restricted who could get licenses. The law ordered health officials to grant licenses to operators who were already up and running in Florida or who were involved in litigation as of Jan. 1, 2017.

It was this week that Dodson issued a temporary injunction sought by Florigrown, a company that was turned down for a license.

“It’s good news for me. It’s good news for Florigrown. It’s good news for the patients and the Constitution of the state of Florida,” said Joe Redner, who partly owns Florigrown and is a strip club operator.

“Another two months has passed, and I do believe now we’re at the point where Florigrown will suffer irreparable harm absent the entry of a temporary injunction and that, given the public interest that can’t be more clearly stated than the public stated in the medical marijuana amendment, that allowing this process and procedures going through by the department is not in the public interest,” Dodson.

“It’s quite candidly shocking that the court would issue an order and it would be so robustly ignored by the Department of Health after there was a clear indication that they needed to do something,” he said.

“This ruling does not impact the availability of medical marijuana in Florida. Low-THC and medical marijuana has been and continues to be available to the more than 160,000 qualified patients by more than 1,500 qualified physicians through 14 approved medical marijuana treatment centers in 55 locations,” agency spokesman Nick Van Der Linden stated.

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