Florida made a progressive move recently by allowing medical marijuana to be legally smoked but now you may have to look forward to your “high” being capped.

Some Republican legislative leaders want to put a limit on how high you can get when lighting up in the state.

The House is considering a proposal that would cap THC levels in medical marijuana at 10 percent according to Rep. Ray Rodrigues, R-Estero, who spoke to The News Service of Florida.

No bill has been filed yet however and legislation is still “up in the air.” He also said, “But it’s something we still think is important.”

“We think there should be caps on THC,” Rodrigues has also exclaimed.

“It’s absolutely insane that after finally relenting on their jihad against sick people smoking marijuana that the House would deem it appropriate to wage another unconstitutional war against the will of the 71 percent of Floridians who approved medical marijuana. These proposed caps are arbitrary, unnecessary and will hurt Florida patients if enacted,” said Ben Pollara, the campaign manager of the political committee behind the amendment.

“There is clear evidence that shows that THC that is less than 10 percent is medically helpful. THC that’s greater than 10 percent is not medically helpful and in fact can be harmful,” Rodrigues said. He is referring to a study that was in The Lancet Psychiatry medical journal.

“If that were the only study, the pushback might have some weight with us, but it’s not. There have been studies previous to that. This was just the largest one to come back and confirm what the smaller, previous studies had shown,” said Rodrigues.

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