In an overwhelming vote, the Georgia Senate passed a bill today that allows the production and sale of low-potency medical marijuana oil in the state.

Voting 44-8, the Senate passed the measure which grants a reduced number of licenses to grow and sell the product than the original proposal would have authorized.

Georgia’s current medical marijuana law allows individuals with 16 specific conditions to possess marijuana.

Republican Rep. Micah Gravley of Douglasville, who authored the bill, previously said the revised version has “many, many problems.”

The bill on Friday however has the potential to provide access to a safe oil for patients.

“I am very hopeful,” Gravley said.

Republican Sen. Matt Brass of Newnan, who sponsored the bill, said that it’s “easier to buy a bag of weed off the street than it is for patients” to get the oil.

“Some may argue that this is not a medicine, but we heard testimony of children having 80 to 100 seizures a day and then after taking the oil, down to one per week,” said Brass. “That leaves no doubt in my mind that this is clearly a medicine.”

Republican Sen. Randy Robertson of Cataula said, “Be prepared for those vultures who are standing on the borders of our state ready to bring recreational marijuana into Georgia.”

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