Germany may not be the largest importer of medical cannabis anymore but that doesn’t mean the country hasn’t been seeing tremendous amounts of imports coming in.

The country lost its first place title to Israel earlier this month but according to data from Prohibition Partners, Germany has seen turbulent growth since legislation.

In 2018, total German imports of medical cannabis flowers reached 3.1 tonnes and then doubled in 2019 to over 6.7 tonnes. German imports of cannabis flowers in H1 2020 reached 4.1 tonnes showing a 63% increase compared to H1 2019, although no single quarter in 2020 has reached the peak of Q3 2019.

It was in Q3 2019 that the country had requested an additional ton of medical cannabis exports from the Netherlands as the country was facing supply shortages and believed that the nation’s domestic production would not be available until early 2021, driving the drastic rise in imports.

Germany now has an estimated number of registered patients using medicinal cannabis in Germany is around 60,000. The country is the largest European medical cannabis market and will depend exclusively on imports to supply its market at least until the end of 2020.

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