A genius move has been made by the Girl Scouts of America. What happens when some people get high? A case of the munchies happen.

A group of girl scouts came to the realization that there may be a bunch of people with the munchies near a marijuana dispensary.

They opened up shop outside Dispensary 33 this past weekend in Chicago and sold cookies to passerbys and customers of the pot shop.

Girl Scouts in California have also set up outside dispensaries and Colorado’s Girl Scouts recently lifted a ban on selling in front of marijuana shops.

It was on January 1st that recreational marijuana sales began in Illinois and lines of people were showing up that day to make their purchases.

Dispensary 33 in Uptown serves more than 500 people a day according to general manager Paul Lee. Many of the people Dispensary 33 serves bring cash, and are looking for a snack to accompany their purchase, he remarked.

The girls, who are ages 6 and 7, sold roughly 230 boxes of cookies Sunday, said one of the Brownie troop leaders, Melissa Soukup.

“It was a decent sale,” said Soukup.

The Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana lets the scouts pick where they want to set up tables to sell, just as long as it is a legally owned and operated business, said public relations manager Britney Bouie.

“Our girls sell from everywhere — outside of movie theaters, grocery stores,” Bouie said. “And now if they’re selling outside of legal and aboveboard dispensaries, that is A-OK.”

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