Miguel, a Grammy award winning artist, has launched the first cannabis beverage with an in the cap infusion technology and sonic emulsification.

Kalvara, Co-Owned by Miguel, has increased its North American footprint with a West Coast roll out of the cannabis beverage featuring Vessl infusion technology.

“I can enjoy a fast and consistent lift wherever I am,” said Miguel.

“Kalvara is a game changer,” he also said.

The patented Vessl™ closure is an innovative nitrogen-powered cannabis liquid delivery device. Kalvara provides a precise, consistent dose of fast-acting cannabinoids. There is no need to measure, mix, shake or guess. There is no button to push.

Each Kalvara variety comes in a 100mg five-pack: Citrus Twist, Berry Chill, and Tropical Inspire.

Kalvara is available at licensed retailers in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Ontario, with other states and Canadian provinces coming soon.

To learn more, visit Kalvara.com.

Miguel’s Grammy-winning “Adorn” was RIAA certified 2x Platinum and is just one of his 12 songs to hit the Billboard Hot 100.

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