Canna Media Works, Canna Communication and Greengate Health are partners in a campaign that is asking Michigan medical marijuana patients to share their stories and experiences in a campaign on social media.

The three businesses, which are women-owned, are encouraging people to share positive marijuana experience stories on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The responses will use the hashtags #bebraveforcannabis #bebrave and #bettertogether.

According to the firms, many people hold back on speaking publicly about their positive experiences with cannabis due to the fear of losing their jobs or judgement from people. Some even fear legal recourse.

“Our state has the second largest medical marijuana patient registry in the country, yet many elected officials don’t realize it, because not enough people are coming out and sharing the stories about how it has changed their lives,” explained Jamie Cooper, of Canna Media Works.

“Many times it’s due to fear of legal issues or being judged by family and friends. In order for this to change, we have to speak up and present a unified voice.”

Roberta King, the co-founder of Canna Communications said, “Once people are able to talk about their medical marijuana use, they often find community and support. We hope the campaign will help reinforce a sense of community.”

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