Music superstar Lil’ Kim has announced her first cannabis venture with partner superbad inc,, a California-based cannabis brand.

The company says it has the highest levels of quality and integrity in the industry.
The Grammy winner, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones, is jumping into the lucrative cannabis space in order to empower women in the overwhelmingly rich, white, male-dominated business.

“Cannabis is something that I’ve been interested in for about two years now,” the rapper said this month at MJBizCon in Las Vegas.

“I’m just blessed to be able to enter this space with Carlos [Dew, founder] and superbad inc.—I mean, it’s just a perfect fit because the goal here is to empower every woman to be a bad bitch.”

“Everyone would look at making a lot of money as being successful,” Lil’ Kim said. “But, for me, that doesn’t necessarily determine success. Someone can rob a bank and have a lot of money, right? My thing is the steps you take to become successful. Look, if by next year everyone is screaming my brand, and we’re the hottest commodity on the street—and we’re also making money, obviously—even if we don’t get to our goal, but we’re on our way, well, that’s success for me.”

“Lil’ Kim is an icon,” said Carlos Dew, superbad inc.’s CEO.

“She’s one of the first women of rap to be hardcore. I’m excited she has joined superbad inc. This partnership signifies the union of two great minds coming together to join forces to empower women. Our goal is to integrate cannabis, advocacy, music and fashion. Stay tuned, Lil’ Kim’s cannabis products are coming soon. The best is yet to come.”

The six-time Grammy-nominated artist has not committed yet to a date for the launch of the branded cannabis line, but she did say, “In five years, I’m going to be super blessed to be able to keep getting younger and younger,” the recording artist joked, laughing. “Oh, and I’m going to be a billionaire times one hundred.”

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