Many of you reading this wish you could have been, there or maybe not as police got involved.

The state of Florida has not truly legalized marijuana yet so having a “medical marijuana” party outside may not have been the smartest idea. People did it anyway.

A party went down in Miami that involved 50 pounds of weed over the weekend.

Guess where the party was at? In a house just six blocks away from the Miami Police headquarters. If that didn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will.

It was around 7 p.m. on Sunday that the Miami Police Department responded to a call at  520 W. Flagler St. There had been some carks parked illegally and many people were loitering around a building.

Leandro Arriaga admitted to the police officers that the party was his and allegedly “said it was an event opened to the public in regards to the Amendment 2 push for marijuana,” which had passed last November.

As soon as the police looked around, there was loose marijuana on everything. There were even items being sold which were most likely drug paraphernalia. Needless to say, people started bolting.

The report has said, “At this point in time, several patrons inside observed the police and proceeded to flee out the rear door.”

Though Arriaga admitted the party was his, it turns out his lease had expired on Saturday so the place he threw this wild huge marijuana party at, wasn’t even his.

It’s always Florida that has stories like this coming out of it.

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