Illinois began the sale of legal recreational marijuana on the first day of the year and already the state is about to have its first marijuana consumption lounge.

This week the Springfield City Council granted a permit for HCI Alternatives, to later be named Illinois Supply & Provisions, to open a lounge in downtown where people can use marijuana.

No date has been given on when the lounge would open, but the owner of the lounge believes it could be as early as April.

According to Alderwoman Doris Turner of the city council,  “These on-site lounges provide some safety for individuals who are 21 and over that want to consume a legal product, and I believe that people will be responsible and they will react and act in the same way if they go downtown to a bar.”

In the first week of legal recreational marijuana sales, Illinois made nearly $13 million. This total hit almost $20 million after only 12 days.

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