Brand-Focused Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) Offers Investors Smart, Diversified Exposure to this Growth

The legal marijuana market in North America is growing rapidly thanks to an ongoing wave of legalization.

According to a new report from cannabis industry experts at The Brightfield Group, the hemp-C-B-D market alone could hit $22 billion by 2022 thanks to the impact of the recently-approved Farm Bill in the U.S.

That legislation legalized hemp and C-B-D on a federal level – and could be the trigger that sends C-B-D sales growing 40 times larger than the nearly $600 million posted in 2018 by 2022.[iii]

As this market matures, those companies with who have developed great consumer brands have the best chance of separating from the pack and experiencing significant growth.

One under-the-radar company – Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) – is following this path by working to develop a brand portfolio for every sector of the cannabis market.

Investors looking for a smart way to play the red-hot cannabis market in North America should consider examining Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) as a potentially undervalued opportunity.

Weekend Unlimited(CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) Is a Brand-Focused Company Developing Premium Products and Experiences for Consumers

Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) is a rapidly-growing, multi-state operator committed to recreational cannabis applications.

The Company is capitalizing on its vast industry relationships to establish a lifestyle brand featuring premium products and experiences to define the future of the cannabis industry.

Weekend Unlimited Inc. currently has a number of competitive advantages that make the Company worth further consideration, including…

  • Weekend Unlimited has defined C-B-D and THC business lines with a focus on brands that align with lifestyles for expansive retail distribution in C-B-D and premium distribution in adult-use-legal markets.
  • C-B-D provides the most lucrative opportunity to establish brand leadership for current and future expansion and sales. C-B-D will pave the way for strong brands in the THC space for future adult-use markets.
  • Weekend Unlimited has established and growing brands in a number of key consumer segments of the market, including beverages, edibles, flower and concentrate.
  • The Company’s lead position as a vertically integrated player in the massive California market complements Weekend Unlimited’s other assets in Canada as well as their future international market opportunities.
  • Weekend Unlimited appears to be undervalued as compared to others in the space in terms of market capitalization. With the legal cannabis market continuing to grow at a steady rate, the potential exists for the market to revalue the companies in this space – including Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF).

In addition to these competitive advantages, Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) recently received a significant amount of attention in the market thanks to a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Weekend Unlimited (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) Won the Pot Lottery!

 In early February 2019, the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) informed Weekend Unlimited Inc. that it had won the lottery for the trading symbol POT.

This fortunate “victory” for the Company generated significant global interest and exposure for Weekend Unlimited.

Weekend Unlimited is thrilled to add the iconic POT trading symbol to its identity,” said Mr. Paul Chu, Weekend Unlimited President and CEO.

Added Mr. Chu, “There has been tremendous excitement generated globally for the POT symbol. The POT lottery served to raise the profile of Canada’s leadership in legal recreational cannabis and we believe it will also serve to raise Weekend Unlimited’s leadership profile.”

Weekend Unlimited is Matching Great Consumer Brands with Channels in High Demand

Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) aggregates and scales small to medium-sized brands, primarily in the categories of flower, extracts and edibles.

Throughout 2018, Weekend Unlimited expanded its lineup of brands by acquiring – or announcing the intent to acquire – production operations, retail outlets and consumer brands in Jamaica, Washington State, Alberta and British Columbia.

Weekend Unlimited brands have best of class operations and distribution as well as strong revenue trajectories. This makes these brands ideal candidates for the deployment of capital and expertise through access to technologies, infrastructure and centralized systems.

As the legal cannabis market continues its rapid growth, companies with established – and popular – brands will have a clear advantage over their competitors. That’s part of what makes Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) such an intriguing opportunity for investors to consider at this stage of the market.

Here is a brief look at the Weekend Unlimited brands that are already helping the Company build a winning presence both in the United States and internationally.

Brand #1
Orchard Heights Growers

Orchard Heights draws from its roots in the commercial tree fruit industry to bring the emerging cannabis industry advanced farming practices to ensure constant, quality and competitively priced products.

Pioneering Weekend Unlimited’s B2B model, Orchard Heights provides a platform for farms looking to have a consistent source of premium genetics from advanced tissue culture facilities.

Orchard Heights is developing infrastructure, including a nursery with tissue culture technology and robotic automation, enabling the current operation to produce in excess of 2 million plants per year, which corresponds to over 10 million sq. ft. of canopy.

With the expected consolidation and continued growth of a $1.3 Billion USD market in Washington State[iv], Orchard Heights will have a primary focus on the B2B clone and nursery business, looking to capitalize on its agricultural systems and efficiency to be the leader in commercial commodity cannabis production.

Brand #2 – Verve!

In January 2019, Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) announced the acquisition of Verve Beverage Company – a proven, recognized brand with strong historical consumer demand.

This acquisition gave Weekend Unlimited a platform to expand both its distribution and product offerings of THC – by state where legal – and C-B-D across the country.

Verve is a premium energy beverage with over $236 million USD in historical sales in the direct-to-consumer channel. The Company now owns the exclusive distribution license to launch this proven brand into retail stores in the U.S., Canada and Mexico – leveraging over $150 million spent in marketing and developing the brand.

This product line provides Weekend Unlimited with smart exposure to the rapidly-growing infused beverage market – the highest growth category in the beverage industry.

Verve Energy Drink features naturally-derived caffeine, 12 essential vitamins and a plant-sourced mineral blend.

Brand #3 – Champ Energy

Champ Energy, the official energy drink of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks, is the first of Weekend Unlimited’s planned line of C-B-D-infused products.

The Company has plans to grow its retail footprint through its distribution network and retailer relationships throughout the US.

Champ C-B-D and non-C-B-D beverages serve to extend Weekend Unlimited’s opportunities in the wellness industry, positioning the Company’s line to take advantage of growing demand as the market shifts in attitude and legislatively, regarding quality cannabinoid products.

As the official energy drink of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks, Champ sales and distribution will be initially focused in the lucrative California market.

Champ C-B-D Water is created with a water-soluble hemp oil, along with other minor phytocannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC and naturally present terpenes.

Champ allows consumers to feel the beneficial effects of C-B-D while getting all the health benefits of a nanowater that has been infused with over 70 different essential vitamins, minerals and glyconutrients.

Brand #4 – Canna Candys & Canna Medibles

Weekend Unlimited announced the completion of its acquisition of Canna Candys and Canna Medibles – a cannabis-infused product manufacturer that distributes to 380 dispensaries in Southern California – in January 2019.

Canna Candys is an active candy brand – with a history of more than 7 years – in Southern California. Canna Candys has generated $1.2 million in sales to date and accounts for 35% of the hard candy market share in Southern California.

Canna Candys come in 31 flavors and as single-wrap candy or single-wrap lollipops.

Brand #5 – Northern Lights Supply

Northern Lights Supply is a retail store located in Nisku, Alberta – at the intersection to Canada’s largest oilfield industrial park, along Alberta’s busiest corridor, Highway 2 and opposite the Edmonton International Airport.

The store is 6,500 square feet of retail space, making it one of the largest approved retail Cannabis stores in Alberta.

The store was designed to take advantage of the upcoming edible and infused cannabis products market as those products are scheduled to become legal in Canada in the fall of 2019.

Brand #6 – R&D Pharma

In February 2019, Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) announced the completion of its acquisition of R&D Pharma, a Canadian company building a vertically integrated medical cannabis business in Jamaica.

The Company is one of only three approved for a Tier-3 Cultivator’s License, which allows for full cultivation of cannabis plants on land of over five acres.

The Exchange Property in Ocho Rios is made up of an outdoor cultivation area, indoor facilities including a greenhouse, clone room and processing, plus an entertainment area for tourists – all on 98 acres.

The 47-acre Wesmoreland Property includes a combination of a 44,000 square foot indoor cultivation facility and 21 acres of outdoor cultivation.

Vertically Integrated Weekend Unlimited (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) Appears Undervalued Compared to its Peers

With such a diverse – and growing – collection of popular brands, Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) is working to harness the properties of the cannabis plant to develop dependable products and experiences that enhance lifestyle choices.

Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) is committed to playing a leadership role in the cannabis industry with integrity, sustainable production, high quality products and trusted relationships – all aimed at establishing the highest standards for the future of the cannabis industry.

Investors who examine the Weekend Unlimited’s assets closely will find a strong brand portfolio with the potential for an increase in valuation as the market recognizes the Company’s potential upside.

With roughly 405 million shares outstanding as of March 2019, the Company’s market capitalization stands at $48.65 million.

When compared with the market capitalization of comparable, brand-focused cannabis companies it’s easy to see the potential for an increase in market cap for Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) in the months ahead.

Investors looking for a smart way to play the growth of the North American cannabis market – and the hemp-C-B-D market in particular – would do well to carefully consider leading brand-focused cannabis companies with a strong history of success.

Among that group, Weekend Unlimited Inc. (CSE: POT); (OTC: WKULF) offers strong potential upside as the Company is a rapidly-growing, multi-state operator establishing a lifestyle brand featuring premium products and experiences to define the future of the cannabis industry.


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