Led by a Team of World-Class Industry Experts, Pure Global Cannabis, Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) Appears to Be Significantly Undervalued

Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) Awarded Health Canada Sales License

The global legal marijuana market is in the early stages of an unprecedented growth explosion.

Thanks to the growing trend toward legalization worldwide – including October 2018’s legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada – the global legal marijuana market is now expected to reach USD $146.4 billion by the end of 2025.[i]

This red-hot bull market for pot stocks has led to tremendous growth in valuation for a number of marijuana companies.

In fact, a recent analysis of publicly traded Canadian Licensed Producers showed market caps ranging from $45 million to $21 billion…with an average market cap of $1.7 billion.

One under-the-radar Canadian cannabis company, however, appears to be significantly undervalued as compared to its competitors…presenting individual investors with a high-upside opportunity.

That company is Pure Global Cannabis, Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF).

Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V:PURE); (OTC:PRCNF) is an innovation-based cannabis company led by a dynamic team of experienced pharma, biotechnology, horticultural, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and supply chain experts.

The company’s vision is to harness the therapeutic properties of cannabis in tomorrow’s medicines and consumer products to become the world’s most trusted brand.

Pure Global’s innovative business plan – developed and being executed by some of the brightest minds in the cannabis space – is one that could make the company’s current market cap of just under $50 million a distant memory very rapidly.

Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) “Fast Forwards” the Approval Process…

One of the more unique chapters of the Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) story is the unprecedented way the company sped up the process of receiving its production license from Health Canada.

Pure Global is in the process of building out its own 18,000 square-foot facility in Brampton, Ontario…but rather than wait on that construction to demonstrate its cultivation capabilities, the company took a unique approach.

Pure Global purchased roughly $3 million worth of product from wholesalers…repackaged and “white labelled” the product…and then submitted it to Health Canada for testing as its own.

This unique approach to the approval process – no doubt enhanced by the impressive experience of the company’s leadership team – allowed Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) to accelerate the approval process and gives the company inventory to begin selling immediately.

In addition, this “white labelling” approach is also consistent with the company’s stated mission of producing the highest quality – consistently pure – cannabis products. The company has the ability to select only the highest quality marijuana from its suppliers – and bridge the gap until its own cultivation facility comes online.

The Brampton Campus:
Pure Global’s Flagship Canadian Facility

Pure Global’s flagship Canadian production facility – acquired as part of the acquisition of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, PureSinse – is located in the heart of an industrial district in Brampton, Ontario…strategically located 10 minutes from the Toronto International Airport and 35 minutes to the downtown core.

The company’s build-out of this facility is underway with the first of three phases already complete…and Phase 2 and 3 being built concurrently. Most importantly…the company is fully funded through all 3 phases.

The facility is expected to come online in Q1 2019 and when complete will have a capacity of 8,000 kg per year.

But what is most exciting about Pure Global’s upcoming growth potential is the fact that they will soon open a one-of-a-kind cannabis farm developed in a soil-less, pesticide-free environment.

Canada’s First Multi-Ponic Cannabis Farm: 3 Times the Yield Without Pesticides or Herbicides

Pure Global Cannabis Inc.’s VP of Production, Nader Gheshlaghi,is an award-winning plant geneticist and horticulture specialist, with extensive experience growing hundreds of plant varieties and managing commercial-scale grow operations across the globe.

To leverage this experience, Pure Global has designed a unique, patent-pending multi-ponic growing system that combines the best practices of hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponcis with world-class commercial agriculture methodologies.

The end result of this “multi-ponic” cannabis farm is an automated system that is capable of growing more plants in less time…without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

And the use multiple, stacked tiers will allow the company to maximize its floor space, potentially increasing its yield while lowering costs.

It’s the next generation of cannabis growth innovation – and it’s being developed by the visionary scientists behind Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF).

PureSinse: Targeting the Lucrative Medicinal and Wellness Segments

Pure Global’s vision is to harness the therapeutic properties of cannabis in tomorrow’s medicines and consumer products to become the world’s most trusted brand.

To that end, the company’s wholly owned subsidiary PureSinse brand is dedicated to developing new and innovative brands and products for the discerning Canadian consumer.

The company’s global strategy is to aggressively pursue and align with similarly spirited local and international cannabis companies that strengthen our position and influence in both the medical and anticipated adult-use markets.

In addition, PureSinse will seek to establish partnerships with clinics, health care professionals and patient advocacy groups throughout Canada.

Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) Awarded Health Canada Sales License

Just recently – on January 11, 2019 Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) announced that Health Canada has issued PureSinse a Sales License under the Cannabis Act.

Eligible and pre-registered Canadian medical patients can soon select from two dozen premium cannabis products offered by PureSinse, via its newly launched eCommerce website at PureSinse.com.

The company is committed to supporting medical cannabis patients by emphasizing the quality of and access to the products they need. The company anticipates growing to 70 SKUs (stock-keeping units) by mid-2019, including adding extracted oil products, and vape pens.

This could be a game-changing event for Pure Global Cannabis, as the Sales License allows the company can now sell its products into the adult-legal consumer market through provincially-licensed retailers.

To take full advantage of this opportunity, the company is launching uniquely curated lines of consumer products tailored to specific market segments.

Strategic Partnership with Appletree Medical Group

Appletree Medical Group is one of the largest multidisciplinary community medical groups in Canada – with more than 700,000 patients from its 35 medical centers in Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area.

Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) has signed a partnership agreement with Appletree and a leading Clinical Research Organization to launch a large-scale, peer-reviewed study on the efficacy of medical cannabis in the treatment of certain medical conditions.

The study will examine which cannabis strains and cannabinoid-terpene combinations provide improved therapeutic results for conditions such as neuropathic pain, insomnia, and anxiety disorders, as well as their effectiveness in reducing dependence on opioid medications in patients suffering from chronic pain disorders.

This partnership demonstrates Pure Global’s commitment to quality data, leading edge analytics, and evidenced-based research and will be a leap forward for dramatic improvements in patient care. This partnership will also help to expand Pure Global’s knowledge and ability to develop sophisticated cannabis medicines for improving the lives of patients.

Pure Global Aims to Dominate
the Cannabis Concentrates Space

The foundation for all medical cannabis applications – as well as for high-margin recreational products – is cannabis concentrates.

In order to establish a leading position in this market, Pure Global is focusing on the development of concentrates as part of its overall strategy.

The company’s CO2 oil extraction facility is now under construction and is expected to have an output of 7,000 capsules and 200 bottles of cannabis extract hourly.

Pure Global’s Phase 1 facilities are equipped with GMP standard clean rooms to produce and package innovative and proprietary extraction formulations for retail and medical markets.

Pure Global’s World-Class Management Team Boasts Decades of Experience

Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) is led by a team of seasoned pharma industry experts and world-renowned specialists in plant genetics and commercial scale indoor greenhouse horticulture.

In addition, this visionary management team is also significantly invested in the company’s future, as it collectively holds xx% of the company’s shares.

The world-class growth and entrepreneurial experts leading Pure Global include…

Malay Panchal, RPh, BScPhm – Founder & CEO, Board Member

Malay Panchal is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in pharma B2B technology, retail and mail-order pharmacy, pharma branding and clinical trials.

Nader Gheshlaghi, PhD – VP, Production

Nader Gheshlaghi is a world-renowned plant geneticist and pathologist. With a PhD in Plant Genetics & Pathology, Nader has managed large-scale grow operations for hundreds of plant varieties around the world.

Stephen Pynn – VP Corporate Development

Stephen Pynn brings significant experience in capital markets and corporate finance to the Pure Global team…with a focus primarily on the cannabis sector’s financings and public offerings.

Bhup Gosain, CPA, CA, CPA (IL) – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Gosain has over years of experience in tax and business advisory services in a variety of sectors including technology, life sciences, biotechnology, natural resources and pharma.

Trupti P. Smit, LLB – Director of Corporate and Legal Affairs

Trupti Smit has over years of experience in intellectual property, corporate law, international tax and corporate governance. She has previously worked as a legal counsel at RBC International Tax and Transfer Pricing.

Vik Chopra, MBA – VP, IT and Business Operations

Mr. Chopra is a program delivery expert with 20 years of experience at tier 1 advertising and technology companies. He has a strong understanding of agile project management, business and IT operations.

Michael Lavergne – Head of Supply Chain

Michael Lavergne is a hands-on sustainable supply chain and operations professional with 20 years of multinational experience in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) / retail. He is the former VP Global Supply Chain at Shoppers Drug Mart and has held senior level positions at Joe Fresh and Walmart.

Vishwas Sawant, MBA – General Manager, PureSinse

Vishwas Sawant has over 30 years of global experience in heavy engineering manufacturing, agribusiness, retail and IT. He is the former CEO of Farmers Co-op in India, which generated $55 million CAD in revenue employed 1,200 people.

1) Undervalued Cannabis Opportunity

– Compared to the valuations enjoyed by many existing Canadian Licensed Producers, Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) appears to be flying under Wall Street’s radar as an undervalued opportunity. As the company completes Phase 2 and Phase 3 of its facility build-out – and begins sales of its existing inventory – it is unlikely to continue flying under the radar for much longer.

2) Exceptional Leadership Team

Pure Global is led by a team of seasoned pharma industry experts and world renowned specialists in plant genetics, commercial scale indoor, greenhouse horticulture.

3) Superior Growing Ability

– The company’s proprietary multi-ponic growing system allows Pure Global to grow more plants – in less time – without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

4) Strong Financial Position

Pure Global is in outstanding financial shape as it is fully funded through Phase 3 of its facility build-out. The company has $14 million in cash on hand with no debt outstanding – and offers investors an outstanding opportunity for early-stage growth.

5) New Facility Coming Online in Q1 2019

– The company’s 41,000 square-foot growth facility in Brampton, Ontario is expected to come online in Q1 2019 and will give Pure Global a capacity of 8,000 kg/year.

6) Existing Inventory Ready to Move

Pure Global has accelerated its process for transitioning to revenue generation by acquiring inventory from wholesalers as part of its “white labelling” process. As soon as its sales license is received, the company will be able to begin selling its premium branded cannabis products immediately.

7) High Quality Cannabis Concentrates

Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX.V: PURE); (OTC: PRCNF) has a CO2 oil extraction facility under construction with an expected output of 7,000 capsules and 200 bottles of cannabis extract per hour.

[i] https://www.grandviewresearch.com/press-release/global-legal-marijuana-market
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