A Democrat senator in Iowa is proposing that the state legalize marijuana and regulate the drug like it does with alcohol.

Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City announced the proposal on Monday and is expecting to introduce a bill in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, even Bolkcom admits that the measure has “about zero” chance of passing the Republican-controlled Legislature.

The bill would set up a system to license companies to grow, manufacture and sell marijuana to adults who are 21 years and older. Under the bill, marijuana would be regulated and enforced by the Iowa Alcholic Beverages Division.

“It is time for Iowa to end marijuana prohibition,” Bolkcom said.

“I think as long as Republicans are in charge of state government, the chances of us ending marijuana prohibition are about zero,” he added.

State Sen. Brad Zaun, a Republican, has admitted, “I’m not open-minded to recreational marijuana in the state of Iowa.”

“There is an enormous amount of economic activity and job creation potential by regulating marijuana like we do alcohol,” Bolkcom said. “And we can sit by and watch those new businesses and new jobs go to Rock Island and Moline, Illinois, or to Rochester, Minnesota, and have Iowans take their hard-earned money and go to those states.”

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