Viewers who watched “Jay Leno’s Garage” this Wednesday were able to see Jay Leno drive a car that is made out of cannabis.

Bruce Dietzen, a retired Dell executive, and now the president of Renew Sports Cars, showed Leno the 2017 Renew that is eco-friendly and is made from woven cannabis hemp. The standard model of the car goes for $40,000, not too bad.

Dietzen isn’t the one to invent the idea of a hemp car. It was Henry Ford back in 1941 who had advocated using plant materials to produce and fuel cars.

During the show, Dietzen remarked to Leno on how not all forms of marijuana are the kind to make you high. He even admitted that he doesn’t smoke it at all. “You could smoke all the hemp you could want and you won’t get high,” he explained.

It’s also ten times stronger than steel in which Leno joked, “Maybe we’ll hit a couple of cars and see what happens. Then we’ll really see how strong it is.”

According to the Miami Herald, which reported the news last year, Dietzen is collaborating with Cool Planet to create a fuel that is more sustainable. .”

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