Actor Jim Belushi’s newest season of his show “Growing Belushi” will kick off on January 19th on the Discovery channel.

Belushi is high on his plans to expand his thriving cannabis empire in the second season of the show.

“We were always on a professional level in terms of the quality that we were growing — very specific, very artisan, boutique,” said the 67-year old actor.

“But when we got that Blues Brothers [cannabis] branding last season from Danny [Aykroyd] and Judy [Belushi Pisano], it was selling like mad. We ran out of inventory. So that kind of forced my hand, and we had to expand.”

Season 1 of “Growing Belushi,” which premiered in August 2020, introduced viewers to Belushi’s cannabis-growing business, Belushi’s Farm, 93 acres located in Southern Oregon’s “Banana Belt.”

In the second season, Belushi and his crew make the necessary adjustments to the farm and start growing the business nationwide.

“In the second season you’re seeing the expansion of the farm. [Specialty hydroponic and organic garden center] GrowGeneration helped me … and we rebuilt the farm.

We expanded not only in our inventory in Oregon but then other states became interested.” Belushi’s Farm product is now also available in Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Michigan and Arizona. “And we partnered with Bhang Chocolate in California,” he said.

“We did a co-op with them with [cannabis infused] Blues Brothers chocolate.”
The veteran actor is very proud of how hard he’s worked to establish Belushi’s Farm as a bona fide, respected business on his home turf.

“You gotta remember that I’m in Oregon,” he said. “It took me three years to gain credibility in this market. They know their cannabis here, and a Hollywood guy coming in with an autograph and a selfie doesn’t impress anyone. I really had to earn my stripes. It had to do with the quality of the cannabis and me keeping my word until Oregon embraced me as a grower and professional farmer.
“It was the perfect storm, in that sense.”

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