Patients in Kalamazoo who need their medical marijuana will be thrilled to learn that the city now has a drive through window at a dispensary. These patients can now order their medication from the convenience of their vehicle.

Compassionate Care by Design announced in a press release along with parent company American Fiber, that a new drive-thru service is located at 4126 Stadium Drive.

This is the first of its kind of Kalamazoo County, and the service opened to medical patients Monday, June 6th.

“What consumers need to know is that it’s more like a pharmacy drive-thru than a fast food one,” Bearup said in the release.

Bearup also said in the release that patients will need to follow the standard online ordering process. When selecting a pick-up option, they would request drive-thru. Once a customer’s order is verified, they can remain in their vehicle using the drive-thru window to retrieve their order.

The company has two provision centers, one at 401 N. Sage St. in Kalamazoo and another at 8277 Arnt Blvd. in Watervliet.

Compassionate Care by Design’s decision to open the drive-thru out of the company’s Stadium Drive property in Kalamazoo was due to convenience and efficiency, the release said.

Compassionate Care also offers free delivery, which was established prior to the drive-thru opening. Patients must present a valid Michigan ID as well as their medical marijuana card.

Store Manager Vanessa McKenzie said, “It’s a temporary thing right now [curbside picksup] and we’re hoping the drive-thru can be a permanent fixture, but with the coronavirus, this is nice way for people to have contactless options,” McKenzie said.

“The state’s allowing us to do it, as long as we show them, ‘Hey this works, this is great,’ we’re hoping they’ll allow us to keep up.”

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