Missouri’s first medicinal marijuana sale just happened a couple of months ago and the state has seen only three cultivators harvest since then.

A very small percentage of the 48 dispensaries in Kansas City metro have opened.
Greenlight of Kansas City is aiming to become the fourth cultivator harvesting, which would allow more dispensaries to open.

The company was given the green light to be one of the first of the state’s 60 cultivators in operation.

“All your terpene profiles, your THC, CBD — this is where your real medicine is,” said John Mueller, the company’s CEO to Fox 4.

“We will chop this plant right here, put it on a cart, take it in back, hang it upside down, let it dry out in a natural, slow process,” he said.

“You want to get into a harvest schedule, so you are bringing down these plants, getting it out to the patients, and then you’ve got something right behind it,” he added.

“These plants are tagged, everyone of them so the great state of Missouri can follow this plant from seed to sale, so we know coming out of every facility we have no black market product,” Mueller demonstrated to a Fox 4 reporter.

According to Missouri official, residents of the state could vote on recreational marijuana as soon as 2022.

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