Portland, the largest city in Maine, is inching closer to finalizing regulations for the city’s recreational marijuana shops.

The city has released a proposal that lays out how many stores will be open and how much they will cost.

“This is really the first opportunity for the city council to start to dive into the details of this,” said Portland City Councilor, Justin Costa. “Obviously we’re going to be concerned about a variety of public health issues but also that the market is regulated fairly.”

The city is hoping to limit the number of stores to 20, ban delivery services, and require stores to have staff for security and quality control.

“We’re obviously the economic center of the state of Maine. We know there’s going to be a tremendous amount of interest in this,” Costa said.

The proposed rules will be reviewed at the city council’s Economic Development Committee later this week.

“It’s never going to be perfect. But the more confusion we can elevate – the simpler we can make things and the more understandable we can make them – that’s in everyone’s interest,” Costa also added.

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