It was last September that Oregon regulators recalled Select brand THC and CBD drops after discovering the manufacturer, Curaleaf, confused those containing psychoactive ingredients with those that did not.

This week a federal lawsuit was filed that seeks class-action status and $200 apiece for hundreds of consumers who bought CBD wellness drops in Oregon last year that inadvertently contained high doses of a psychoactive ingredient.

CBD is made from hemp and usually doesn’t include THC which can make a user high.

Marijuana manufacturer Curaleaf inadvertently confused CBD and THC during production.

Hundreds of customers had bought CBD products that actually contained high doses of THC. More than a dozen people reported becoming ill; at least five went to the emergency room.

Oregon regulators recalled all the bottles in 2021 that were sold under the Select brand, and have proposed a 70-day suspension and record, $200,000 fine for Curaleaf.

Curaleaf settled 10 lawsuits brought by customers who reported becoming ill after buying the products. Michael Fuller, the Portland attorney who brought those suits, now has filed separate litigation seeking compensation for everyone who purchased the mislabeled CBD – whether or not it made them ill.
Curaleaf declined comment on the pending litigation, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Portland.

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