Marijuana enthusiasts in the city of Long Beach, California will be thrilled to learn that Long Beach City College is going to offer its first cannabis industry class ever.

The class will be offered this fall and according to the Long Beach Business Journal, the eight-week course will cover everything from cultivation to retail.

There are not many community colleges that offer classes on the cannabis industry.
The curriculum for the Long Beach City College course was developed in collaboration with the Long Beach Collective Association.

According to the Long Beach Business Journal, the class is expected to admit 30 to 35 students, and a tentative start date has been set for the end of September.

The course will be housed in LBCC’s workforce development program, alongside other vocational and professional classes.

“If somebody is interested in engaging with the cannabis industry on a professional level, this is an important first step in that process,” said Joe Rogoway, the course’s lead instructor.

“This is long overdue,” Rogoway said. “This is the kind of curriculum that should have been developed long ago.”

Kathy Scott, the college’s executive vice president of academic affairs said the class is not anything new. She stated, “It’s the same in that it’s industry-driven, industry-requested and it’s taught by industry.”

Nate Winokur, one of the members of the Long Beach Collective Association (LBCA), will be teaching a class this upcoming fall.

“We decided to introduce something that, at its heart, would introduce different businesses and license types to each other,” Winokur said. “We got a really awesome response from the community.”

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