This week could have been one very exciting one for the state of Vermont. The state was on its way to becoming the ninth state to legalize marijuana recreation-ally.

Unfortunately, the state’s governor, Phil Scott, has rejected the bill. Speaking to reporters, Scott said he was not satisfied that the bill adequately protected public safety. According to the governor, he was worried that stoned drivers and children having access to pot would be a threat to the state.

Scott stated, “I am not philosophically opposed to ending the prohibition on marijuana, and I recognize there is a clear societal shift in that direction. However, I feel it is crucial that key questions and concerns involving public safety and health are addressed before moving forward.”

Scott wants the legislature to strengthen penalties for those who drive stoned and for those who provide access of marijuana to children.

“We must get this right,” said Scott.

Reporters asked him if he smokes marijuana, and he said no, but mentioned that he has “friends who do.”

Had the bill been passed, it would have given the Green Mountain State, a market for recreational marijuana in July of next year. According to New Frontier Data, sales could have totaled $179 million by 2025.

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