San Francisco’s Union Square retailers are fighting to bar a marijuana dispensary from their “luxury zone.”

Alexis Bronson and his partners want to open a high-end cannabis store in Union Square but some neighbors are not having it. The team is trying to transform the vacant store lot into a high end cannabis store.

Bronson wants to open “an inviting, well-lit, boutique cannabis outlet. No loud reggae music.”

Chanel is one of two companies in San Francisco’s upper elite Union Square that is against a move by an entrepreneur to open a high-end boutique cannabis store at 152 Geary St.

According to the opposition, Bronson’s dispensary would tarnish Union Square’s reputation as San Francisco’s epicenter of opulence.

“Union Square has long been the center of luxury retail in San Francisco,” attorneys for Chanel wrote. “The retail pot clientele is completely at odds with the luxury clothing and accessory clientele and the presence of the Have A Heart dispensary will have a significant detrimental effect on these long established businesses.”

An attorney for 146 Geary LLC, which owns another storefront adjacent to Bronson’s proposed store, wrote that the store “will degrade the retail shopping experience in this corridor and is entirely out of character with the other retail uses.”

“I feel like we’re good enough to shop there, but not good enough to open up shop there,” Bronson said.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin has said, “I’ve visited some of these cannabis storefronts, and some of them are quite luxurious and high-end in and of themselves,” Peskin said. “San Francisco is facing an ever-increasing number of retail vacancies, including in the Union Square area. We should keep our minds open.”

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