It took five years of being in operation, but Main Street Marijuana has now finally purchased its own building, or rather two-thirds of it.

It was this past July that the first Marijuana Recreational Store in Vancouver, Washington purchased two suites out of three of the 1922 building.

The third suite, which houses offices and some product stock, is still rented under a long-term lease with a different landlord.

“It’s a long-term play for the business,” said Co-owner Adam Hamide.

Main Street Marijuana is the biggest cannabis retailer in Washington by volume but it took the company three years to save up the money.

“Even for us, it was still something of a hardship,” Hamide said.

The show-floor purchase cost $1.4 million, according to Clark County records. A price of $1.4 million is pretty steep for the area according to Hamide.

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