Maine’s recreational marijuana market had a sensational June, with record sales.
According to a state report from the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP), sales of recreational cannabis had topped $6.47 million for June. This was up from $5.36 million in May.

Over 86,000 purchases took place during June.

June was the highest monthly total since Maine’s recreational marijuana market launched last October, and represented a 20.6% increase over the dollar amount in May. That’s slightly less than the 23.2% growth in May over the previous month.

To date, sales in the state have totaled nearly $30 million, according to the OMP. June sales were roughly six times the total in the first month.

Over 80 municipalities in the state have opted to allow some form of recreational pot business within their borders, and 238 retail store licenses have been issued statewide.

A total of 3,122 caregivers are now registered to provide medical-use cannabis, according to the OMP as well. In 2020, this total had reached 3,046.

Maine had recorded its highest number of registered caregivers, 3,257, back in 2016.
“Flowers are always at the top of the list, but edibles are really, probably out-performing our expectations,” said Kaspar Heinrici, co-owner of Seaweed Co.
“The excitement is only growing,” said Heinrici.

“From the day we opened in October in South Portland, there was a kind of a giddiness, and you can sense that again with the tourists and people who maybe aren’t as familiar with having adult-use cannabis,” he said.

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