According to state records, Maine has seen a record $1.4 million in recreational cannabis sales in its first month.

Data shows that the average sale during Maine’s inaugural month, which was limited by supply shortages and in-store purchase limits was about $66.

The state’s six licensed adult-use retailers in Auburn, Bangor, Northport, South Portland and Stratton reported 21,194 sales worth $1,409,442 from Oct. 9th. This was the first day licensed retailers were authorized to sell recreational marijuana in Maine, through Nov. 8, said the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy this week.

Maine earned almost $141,000 in tax revenue from the sales.

Smokeable cannabis, or flower, accounted for 76 percent of initial sales and the average price of bud was $16.67 a gram during the market’s first month, state records show, or $59 for an eighth of an ounce. An eighth is enough to roll seven fat joints or about 14 cigarette-style ones.

In its second month, with 12 licensed adult-use retailers now open, an eighth sells for $46 to $65.

“Business here is steady: not great, but OK, considering the time of year,” remarked Mark Humphries, who owns Northland Botanicals in Stratton. “October into November is always slow around here, and with COVID, slower than usual. And of course it’s harvest time for the locals.”

“My average sale was about $70 until two weeks ago, when I got my first delivery of edibles,” said Humphries. “Now my average sale is closer to $90 (with) edibles making up about 50 percent of sales.”

“While it is easy to focus solely on the numbers, it is important to note that the Office of Marijuana Policy’s primary objective is maintaining the high standard of public health and safety we have set for the adult-use program,” said Erik Gundersen, director of the office. “We appreciate the commitment our licensees have demonstrated to enact COVID protocols to ensure a safe launch.”

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