Oklahoma just passed medicinal marijuana legislation last month with State Question 788.

The passing of the ballot question has legalized the sale and possession of marijuana plants and products without a limit on tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical that produces euphoria in marijuana users.

Many advocates of the drug are not liking the regulations passed by the state Board of Health this month that created a 12% cap of THC in finished products and a 20% cap in mature plants.

Attorney General Mike Hunter wrote a letter that indicated that board members may have overstepped their authority to regulate medical marijuana.

According to Dr. Jason Beaman, chair of psychiatry and behavioral health services at the Oklahoma State University, using a form of marijuana with a higher level of THC increases a patient’s risk of addiction.

“If you left it to the voters to decide if you get antibiotics whenever you have a cough, most of them would probably be OK with that,” Beaman remarked.

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