The benefits of marijuana have been long touted and more and more states are legislating the drug to help their residents.

It was last year that even the FDA recognized a drug derived from CBD that can be used for rare forms of epilepsy.

One disease prevalent in the U.S. is diabetes, but can diabetics benefit from the drug?

A study was published in The American Journal of Medicine that has found there are positive benefits for diabetes.

The study was conducted on over 4,600 participants using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) survey and out of these participants, about 580 used marijuana regularly and over 1,900 had used it in the past.

The researchers discovered that using marijuana was associated with a lower fasting insulin level and a smaller waist size.

Another study in the Natural Medicine Journal, called the NHANES study, used several mice models and found that cannabis protected mice from getting diabetes or reduced its severity.

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