The coronavirus has become one of the biggest topics across the world as the disease spreads and millions fall into panic.

Factories in China, where the disease originated, ha e shut down in order to prevent the spread of the virus. This has prompted some marijuana companies to turn to the U.S., India, and Mexico to source packaging for their products.

According to an MJbizdaily report, one company called Grove Bags has seen such a big jump in their business since the coronavirus outbreak that it’s had to turn business away.

KushCo Holdings is now looking at packaging options in the United States, Taiwan and India. The company provides ancillary products and services to the state-legal cannabis and CBD industry.

According to the executive vice president and general counsel of KushCo, Arun Kurichety, the company has had to look beyond China for packaging when President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on Chinese goods.

“As a prudent company, we look every day at other opportunities to source goods,” Kurichety said.

“Already, some of our focus has shifted from Chinese manufacturers to other countries. Our concentration in terms of products from China have decreased.”

Wick & Mortar, a Seattle-based branding agency, has also started looking elsewhere for packaging.

“This entire debacle has forced us to start leveraging relationships in Mexico and India,” CEO Jared Mirsky said. “Once they get back to work (in China), they’re probably going to be backed up quite a bit.”

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