While many may think that marijuana slows you down and makes you lazy, one study is proving otherwise.

According to a new study, marijuana can improve exercise and even aid in recovery.
Researchers at the University of Colorado had over 600 marijuana consumers in marijuana legal states surveyed about how they use marijuana in relation to exercise.

The results, which were published in Frontiers in Public Health, revealed that nearly 500 participants said they endorse using marijuana one hour before, or up to four hours after, exercising.

The survey also found that those who did use cannabis in that time frame worked out longer than consumers who didn’t pair the activities.

Seventy percent of respondents said they agree or strongly agree that “cannabis increases enjoyment of exercise,” while 78 percent said that marijuana “enhances recovery from exercise” and just over 50 percent said that it “increases motivation.”

“To our knowledge, this is the first study to survey attitudes and behavior regarding the use of cannabis before and after exercise, and to examine differences between cannabis users who engage in co-use, compared to those who do not,” wrote the study authors.

“Given both the spreading legalization of cannabis and the low rates of physical activity in the US, it behooves public health officials to understand the potential effects—both beneficial and harmful—of cannabis use on exercise behaviors.”

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