The first store to offer marijuana for sale in Kalamazoo, Michigan has begun sales this week.

Marijuana is now available for sale in the city to anyone 21 or older at Lume Cannabis Co.

The store started selling cannabis products for adult-use customers on Saturday, June 6, at its Kalamazoo store at 3406 Stadium Drive. The store is the first to offer recreational marijuana sales in the city, according to Lume.

Lume said in a news release that it opened to the public at 50% capacity and customers are required to wear a mask or other face covering to enter the store due to restrictions in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kalamazoo Store Manager Nathaniel Adkins said Lume strives for uniformity of its product offerings, so that the experience at every Lume store is the same.

“We’ve had a lot of awesome feedback and we’e met a lot of really good friends over these last two days,” said Adkins after two days of sales.

“We are thrilled to expand our Kalamazoo retail operation to offer our high-quality cannabis products for adult use,” remarked Doug Hellyar, president and COO of Lume. “We have been preparing for this day for months and look forward to introducing our wide variety of Lume flower and our new effects-based Lume Cartridges to the recreational cannabis community in Kalamazoo and surrounding communities.”

Lume has eight stores in Michigan and continues to operate a medical marijuana business on site that opened in October 2019.

The company was doing about 70 tickets per day selling to medical patients, and sales increased to about 250 tickets per day once the company began offering recreational sales, Adkins said.

“Our goal is to be the state’s top cannabis operator and that begins with providing our high-quality products and a customer experience our competitors can’t match,” Hellyar said. “We take great pride in educating our customers on all things cannabis and making it as convenient as possible to access the best products to meet their needs.”

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