The month of August was another hot month of sales for marijuana in Nevada.

According to The Cannabist’s calculations on tax data provided by a state official, dispensaries in the state sold more than $33 million in recreational marijuana.
August was the second month of legal recreational marijuana sales for the state.

Monthly tax revenue figures have yet to be officially released, but Deonne E. Contine, executive director of the Nevada Department of Taxation, disclosed the tax collection data this past Friday during the Denver Marijuana Management Symposium.

According to Contine, $4.8 million in tax revenue was collected for medical and recreational sales during August. The numbers were confirmed with The Cannabist.

Compared to July, August’s numbers were almost a 24% increase from the $27.1 million that the state saw in sales.

The August totals represent a nearly 24 percent jump from the $27.1 million in sales logged in July.

It will be interesting to see how California fares. The state is expected to have legal adult-use sales starting in January.

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